In beloved memory of all our unsaved works of art, scientific breakthroughs, household spreadsheets, hours of practice and every document that has been lost in the eternal nothingness of cyberspace.

Here we mourn, because we believe everything has a right to be remembered, because our digital work has no physical remnants, no body, no ashes, no dust, and therefore can only be commemorated in cyberspace itself.

Ponder here on the hours lost, contemplate on what might have been. Leave your eulogy, cry, laugh, scream and let your work be remembered for eternity.

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In beloved memory of
Sai image
† 30-03-2015
Power cord came loose from socket, my work had not been saved
You were a beautiful sketch, something I was very proud of. May I learn a valuable lesson from this loss
† 25-02-2015
Word crashed, I accidentally closed the recovered version of the file
Dear resume, you made me look hireable. I hope to recreate you soon, but I know this copy will never be able to replace you in my heart.
FL Studio project
† 20-02-2015
Just exporting the finished track, when suddenly I had to go afk. When I came back, someone had shut the pc off and I lost the entire project. Yeah it managed to save the finished track, but I forgot to remove a drum pattern which ruins the entire track. F**k
RIP FL studio project. We will all miss you.
After Effects file of important new project
† 13-01-2015
There was a power out in my office in the morning. I didn't save in the evening. UNtitled. all the 3D and AE GONESKIES!!!
Tom Geraedts
† 17-12-2014
I was playing pokemon, my mom came in and tried to clean my keyboard. She pressed first F9(load) and than F5(save). I had played more than 7 hours, without saving game.
After effects
† 16-12-2014
it crashed.
why... ill miss you
Business Plan
† 12-11-2014
Didn't save after 3 hour session with colleague on the kitchen table at home
Sophie Green
Happy to know you are now resting in peace.
† 02-12-2014
hardiskim yandı
amına koyim
College app essay
† 01-12-2014
Wrote in Common App prompt field - assumed it autosaved when it auto-logged you out. It didn't.
You were my pride, my joy, the best piece of writing I have ever been able to call my own. And you're gone, and so are my admissions to USC.
tumblr theme
† 13-11-2014
closed all tabs by accident, including the carret tab i was currently using for a tumblr theme.
oh tumblr theme, you were like a flame; you burned fast, but bright.
† 02-11-2014
Purple screen of death... :'(
After spending a couple days mulling over what my next art piece would be, I finally sat down, Tablet and pen in hand. And I drew, for 10 hours straight... Then suddenly, poof! It's gone, replaced with purple... I guess I kinda deserved it though for using windows 8... Never again :/
† 28-10-2014
an old computer at my school just went down
In this txt file there were only 30 minutes of work, but the computer crashing down, and the fact that there was no real text program installed on it which would have auto-saved.... My motivation went down and I didn't finish the paper which was originally due the week after for about two months and got a really bad grade.
English assignment
† 27-10-2014
Computer lost power and shut down and document was unsaved
I will miss u so much i put heaps of effort into u and now ur gone!
.flp (FL studio project file)
† 26-10-2014
Fl studio died as when the sound starting blasting when everyone was asleep, then it crashed, it wasn't saved and now it's gone
.flp (FL studio project file)
† 26-10-2014
Fl studio died as when the sound starting blasting when everyone was asleep, then it crashed, it wasn't saved and now it's gone
A work that was created from my heart and soul
† 25-10-2014
I was far too enthusiastic about getting ahead in my work, that I opened one too many photoshop projects. After realizing I was being counterproductive by having so many projects opened, I started rapidly closing tabs. Alas, the project I was burdened with from the very start of this day was deleted...annulled...wiped clean out. *insert tears*
The Dejected and Despairing Photographer
Oh blessed work, may you rest in peace, and may my macbook recycling bin be good to you.
3D Model
† 14-10-2014
I closed the program and it didn't give me an option to save
I closed the program and it didn't give me an option to save
† 29-09-2014
I accidentily deleted it
I will miss you so much unsaved work, we only had a short time together, but it was very special. You're in a better place. Goodbye...
† 20-07-2014
Crashed out of life
I've known you for 40 minutes now, and we had our ups and downs.. Untill Photoshop suddenly decided to take you away from me. You're probably at a better place now, where you don't have to work. They say the good die young, but someone killed my darling....
RB AoM 2013
† 25-07-2014
Project corrupt
Nikos Papadopoulos
May the project rest in peace. We'll take its ashes to the deep sea of the island of Santorini in October.
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